Definitely One of The Best!

I’ve worked with many different real estate agents throughout the country for my investments and The Toomey Team is definitely one of the best. They know Miami Beach and most of the surrounding areas better than anyone I know. The Toomey’s have an exquisite attention to detail and a great eye for taste which has saved me from buying “perceived” bargains which later would have been difficult to rent and or sell. In addition, The Toomey Team gives 110% effort, focus, and attention to their clients as opposed to some of the “mega” brokers who meet you just to sign the listing and then hand you off to a new person with little or no experience. They showed up to every showing of my sales listings so that they could meet the buyer and highlight the benefits of my property. In short, The Toomey Team has saved me a lot of money and I recommend them strongly. 

— Oren and Viki Galchen